Our Mission
The mission of the NJED Unity Caucus is to actively find ways to advance and protect the rights, benefits, and interests of members, by building unity and increasing knowledge through the dissemination of information that will increase the participation of union members in playing a vital role in the democratic processes of the NJEA at local, county, and state levels. In doing so, all members will be empowered to promote a quality system of public education for all students through the advancement of economic justice, racial justice and democracy.

Our Vision
The NJED Unity Caucus is a diverse, democratic organization working to create an optimal environment to achieve equity in public education for all students as a human right in New Jersey.

Our Goals
Member Advocacy – To advance the beliefs that every educator deserves autonomy, respect, trust, and economic security through member driven actions at the local and state level that preserve our rights as union members to bargaining resources that to protect our rights to pension and healthcare benefits.

Organizing – To strengthen the member positions within the NJEA Association by informing membership, developing leadership, supporting initiatives that are inclusive of all members of the NJEA. To facilitate involvement of NJEA members beyond the classroom that include advocacy for economic and racial justice within our communities.

Enhancing Public Education – To advance conversations and actions that enhance initiatives that allow our public schools to provide a place of creativity, imagination, critical thinking, diversity, and meaningful learning experiences through the collaboration of students, educators, and parents.




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